Going Back To The Beginning: How I set up my crafty business


Do you need a business degree to start up you own crafty business?   This is a good question!

Starting your own crafty business and running it day to day really is like putting pieces of a puzzle together.  What do I mean by this?  Well let me explain how I started my own small jewellery business, and in answer to my first question!  No you do not need a business degree to start up your own crafty business.

So what do I mean by running your own crafty business is like putting pieces of a puzzle together.   When starting up your own business, there are a series of steps you will need to take to get your business up and running just like fitting pieces into a puzzle. When you have finished putting the pieces together in order for your business to run, you are left with a complete set-up business ready to take on the world or as much of it as you choose.

So these are the steps I took to piecing my small jewellery business together.

I had wanted to turn my beaded jewellery creations into a small business for a while, so firstly I sat down and wrote myself a business plan.  My business plan includes short term goals and long term goals.  I will add to and change things on my business plan over time, that is ok as long as I have an aim for my business to keep me on track.

The next thing I needed to do was think of a name for my business.  And of course brand my jewellery business (I will be writing a separate blog on how I brand my business in the future).  So I started to think about what I thought of my jewellery, I love jewellery and beads, I love the look and texture of beads, so the name that kept coming back to me was Eye Kandy.  And so I decided to name my business Eye Kandy Jewellery & Design.  Then I knew I needed to register my business name (you would need to research and follow any laws of registering a business wherever you live).  I registered my business name, I also have appropriate registrations for tax.

Now I have finished piecing together the legal side of trading as a business,  I now needed to piece together my marketing approach.  I decided I would like to have a website dedicated to my beaded jewellery, I also decided I would like to build this website myself.  After doing a fantastic online course with Serena Star-Leonard,  called Website Launchpad.  I now have my very own website/blog built by me which I can add to whenever I would like.

Ten months ago I sat down to write my business plan and now I have my business up and running.  I purchase my stock to create my beaded jewellery, I hand make each piece of jewellery.  Of course after making my jewellery I need to market it, If you are not sure how to do this search on the net and follow others in your field, read and learn as much as you can. (I will be writing more blogs on how I market my jewellery).  I also love to get out into my community to market my jewellery, not only do I get my brand out there I also meet lovely people along the way.  After marketing this will lead to sales, so of course I package my jewellery appropriately and send it off to my customers.  Of course I am also doing all of my own book keeping, this is part of running your own business.


Setting up and becoming successful at running your own small crafty business takes time, hard work and determination. 

It means not giving up when things are going slow,  keep yourself inspired by reading about other peoples stories who are in your field.  Surround yourself with people who support you and give you positive feedback.  Don’t let the negatives stop you!  Remember that it will take time things just don’t happen over night,  give it time and even when something small happens celebrate this will keep you inspired to keep your business going.

So where am I at now ten months after sitting down to write my business plan?  Well today I have 684 visitors to my website in a month and this number climbs by roughly 100 visitors every month, I am achieving this goal in my business plan.  I am making regular weekly sales of my jewellery both online and off.  One of my jewellery pieces is currently in an art exhibition, one of my pieces was in one last month and I am booked in to a different exhibition for July.  I am making slow and steady progress on achieving my business goals for this year.  And just so you know I do not have a business degree, to me it is common sense, research and read as much as you can and it you need help just ask.

Do you run your own crafty business?  If so what advice would you give to someone thinking of starting up their own business.  Please share your thoughts below


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