Top 10 Hard Gemstones

Since I will be working many different semi-precious gemstones into my jewellery this year, I have been busy learning everything I can about gemstones.  So here are the top 10 hard gemstons!

1. Diamond

2. Sapphire

3. Ruby

4. Emerald

5. Alexandrite

6. Topaz

7. Spinel

8. Zircon (CZ)

9. Garnet

10. Aquamarine

The Diamond is not only stunning but it is the hardest natural element known to man, no wonder diamonds are a girls best friend! I love all gemstones they are so beautiful, garnet is one of my favorites and also happens to be my birthstone. Gemstones are gorgeous to wear and also have natural healing properties, no wonder we love wearing them!




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