Interview with Amanda Roberts of Mandy’s Magical Memories.. The art of photography.. First installment for the love of art..

First Installment for the love of art…


I am a lover of all forms of art, and enjoy following inspiring people.  In my blog this year I will be featuring different artists and the journey with their passion for their art.  For my first installment for the love of art I have interviewed Amanda Robert’s Of Mandy’s Magical Memories, Amanda is a very talented inspiring photographer she loves her art, so read on and and get a little bit of an insight into Amanda and her world of photography…  Hope you enjoy :)

 1. Who or what influenced you to become a photographer?

I have always had a passion for photography which probably came from my mum. She trained as a photograqpher before I was born and she always took photos of my brother and I as we grew up. I also have fond memories of nights spent looking at old slides of my Grandad and Nanna and considering that she died when I was young, those nights created most of the memories I have of her.

2. Why is photography important to you?

I have always been passionate about photography and therefore it is an integral part of my life. Moments pass so quickly and memories fade but a photograph captures a moment forever and whenever you look at that photograph the memories will come flooding back.

 3. Do you have a favorite photograph?

I have so many favourite photographs, some of them planned and created with care and others random captures that I can’t help but laugh at when I look at them.

 4. What do you enjoy most photographing? 

When I pick up my camera and look through the lens everything falls into place. I am constantly taking mental photos as I progress through my day. I love capturing a persons personality, seeing them relaxed and at ease.

 5. In your opinion what makes photography an art?

Photography is art. Like paintings each photo can be interpreted from a different point of view. Different people notice different aspects. A photographer just like an artist needs to visualise what they want their end product to look like and they need to make adjustments in order to capture that end result.

 6. What motivates you to do what you do?

Life, love and wanting to remember everything forever. I have always taken loads of photos because I don’t want to forget a moment ever. Whether it be my daughters taking their first steps, a baby’s enjoyment as they play with toys, a mothers deep love as she looks into her childs eyes. Every memory is important!

 7. What is one piece of advice you would give to a novice photographer?

Never stop taking photos. Take your camera with you everywhere because you never know when you will see that perfect shot. Believe in yourself ant trust your instincts when it comes to composing a photograph. Look at and learn from other photographers but find your own style and lastly practice, practice, practice!! Take your camera off auto and just play with your camera and get to know it because you and your camera are partners and together you WILL take some fantastic photographs.


To see more of Amanda’s photography visit her website or blog and her facebook page

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Top 10 Hard Gemstones

Since I will be working many different semi-precious gemstones into my jewellery this year, I have been busy learning everything I can about gemstones.  So here are the top 10 hard gemstons!

1. Diamond

2. Sapphire

3. Ruby

4. Emerald

5. Alexandrite

6. Topaz

7. Spinel

8. Zircon (CZ)

9. Garnet

10. Aquamarine

The Diamond is not only stunning but it is the hardest natural element known to man, no wonder diamonds are a girls best friend! I love all gemstones they are so beautiful, garnet is one of my favorites and also happens to be my birthstone. Gemstones are gorgeous to wear and also have natural healing properties, no wonder we love wearing them!




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